• Tribute to Tommy Hopkins Jr.
  • Can you imagine how the first humans felt upon hearing the first melodic songs dancing out of their own mouths? Or hearing it from others around them? I imagine their "singing" brought relaxation from labors of living and expressed their own unique worship of the Creator and Sustainer of their lives. Thank you for visiting my site. Come back and visit often as we will be adding new and exciting features and content on a regular basis. Welcome to my world of music.


  • Jan 8 - Chase Restaurant
    Accra, Ghana
  • Jan 12 - Best Western
    Accra, Ghana
  • Jan 16 - Three Jazz Divas
  • June 20 - Private Party

About Me

  • The world of music entered Carla's childhood with the sounds of Blues and Gospel. Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop and Broadway show tunes caught her ear while living in Detroit and Chicago. Although born in a small town miles north of the city that birthed Jazz, she began her career singing it in Champagne, Illinois. There also she toured with a successful Top 40 band and after moving back to Chicago was invited to open for Bobby Blue Bland.
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Carla Norris-Hopkins, Jazz Singer